Handcraft :: Discover l’Artisane Shop :: Dakar, SENEGAL

Khadija Aisha Ba is mixing traditional and contemporary styles to create unique designs. She finds antique treasures and transforms them into beautiful unique pieces.


My family has always been my first source of inspiration – their style, their stories about Dakar in the 70s, it’s architecture, the lifestyle there and the creativity. It’s a golden age that I want to bring back, but with a modern twist,” she explains.  After 5 years in Paris, where Khadija Aisha Ba graduated from the École supérieure de commerce et marketing (business school), she returned to Dakar in 2010 to help at Chez Sere Sow, her aunt’s leather repair shop. L’Artisane was created a year later, and like other locally born labels, Selly Raby Kane and Bull Doff, it has been making waves ever since. SOURCE : mychicafrica

Khadija Aisha Ba

Inspired the filmmaker Djibril Diop Mambety, the young designer mixes her indie spirit with classic Dakar elegance, playing with patterns, cuts and whimsical details for both her clothes and accessories, which include trendy leather goods and bronze jewellery. The stylist wants her pieces to be multigenerational”, designed to mix different eras and showcase African style and diversity. The label is currently in Dakar, Paris, Lagos and New York, and will soon be available on line. Around 20% of her clientele came from Instagram. “My aim is to show the world how Africa looks to its traditions to create modernity,” she told Elle Decoration. SOURCE : mychicafrica


Credit photo : L’artisane Shop


To us, L’ARTISANE is the return of the boubou! She magnifies the African aesthetic through clothing, jewelries, accessories and styling. Those fulani jewels match perfectly with her pieces and it’s all majestic. Her work is a great mix of modern and traditional African fashion. It’s retro chic, it’s beautiful and Khadija is definitely the best ambassador for her own pieces. As you can tell from the pictures, she is super stylish guys, like seriously!

We can’t wait to fly to Dakar and visit her shop! But let’s be done with that Coronavirus first! In the meantime I’m going to rock my Fulani jewels on my couch 🙂


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