Photography :: Everydaypeoplestories with Cedric Nzaka :: South Africa


« I aim to document something new. To Draw inspiration from the worlds complexities, To Showcase magic, To Be intentional with my art. I set out to heighten my subjects natural state – not camouflage it. Everyday People, In their every day places Everyday stories being told.
This is what my art helps me do – Rewrite the world, In true faces and their fashion
I have an admiration for the culture of fashion, Vessels that express their souls through fabric Defying societal norms. Souls desperately wanting to be seen And I sought out to see them. Everyday people are in fact Works of art, Portraits to the soul written in flesh and played out only once; The works of an ice sculptor. In the many faces I see There’s beauty, No end to the inspiration. The gift is being able to create everyday & this is my story. » Source : cedricnzaka website


Let’s chase Afro Punk styles, street styles and dope peoples in South Africa with Cedric Nzaka :


All Rights Reserved © Cedric Nzaka

We just love all those portraits! Of course Cedric Nzaka does more than portraits but we are totally enchanted by those beautiful melanin people. So much grace, so colourful, so much confidence and stylish to the chore. Great inspiration there! Go follow Cedric Nzaka!

Article : IwannAfree


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