Music :: Our Playlist is Back! :: AfroBeats

 So what have you been listening to guys?🎶🎵

Well, we’ve got a brand new playlist for you! We’ll go to Angola, South Africa , Nigeria , Ghana 🇬🇭, Côte d’ivoire 🇨🇮, Mali , UK and France . Everything is well flavored and will make you feel good good good! So, without further ado, click on the links and listen to our addictive selection of back to school tracks! ( Some links are audio videos some are proper videos )

1- Ja’soro ( FAV 🔥   )

2- Sugar Cane ✨ 

3- Joromi ✨ 

4- Iskaba ✨ 

5- Been Calling ( FAV 🔥  ) 

6- All for Love  

7- Yeba 

8- For Life 🇬🇭

9- Ma Lo 

10- Say you love me 🇬🇭

11- Vendeur d’Illusion 🇨🇮

12- Tu es a mulher 

13- Oumou Sangaré 


Cover photography :  Yvonne ‘Vixen’ Ekwere plays the role of ‘Rashida’, inspired by the Afrobeat Legend, Fela’s fire dancers © Obi Somto

Article : IwannAfree


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