ALUN[BE] :: Senegalese Photographer :: 

Wow! Alun(be) is probably one of the best portraitist that I know. He has the amazing ability of capturing emotions with portraits of unknown people. Thanks to Instagram I discovered his work, mostly portraits of people with incredible backgrounds, deep contrasts and shining colours. Our focus of today is Alun (be) ! Let’s share his colorful portfolio of faces with you today! 


Alioune Ba is his real name, a Franco-Senegalese photographer and architect, born in Dakar … He is a self-taught photographer whose captivating images distinguish themselves through profound expression in high contrast.


« Alun Be is a word game taken from my first and last name: » Alun « refers to the natural ability of the alum stone to fix matter, » Be « the importance of being, to exist by itself (To be).

Diverse portraits have carved a niche suspended between his upbringing in France, West Africa and the United States. « Alun’s art form is constantly evolving through personal projects focused on the human condition in public spaces, incited by his studies in San Francisco where he received his MA in architecture ».

He likes to capture the human and to put the focus on faces and mark of the time on skins.


We hope that you enjoyed those photographies, let’s keep checking in case an  opportunity to attend one of his exhibitions presents itself 🙂 !


Article By Tyitelle 


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