Documentary Photography :: She is dope and she is called Yagazie Emezie :: Nigeria

I’ve been following that girl on every possible social network for years…so I’m wondering why I did not tell you guys about her earlier! Out of the blue, tonight while going through my IG newsfeed, it just ocurred to me that I’ve been keeping Yagazie’s dopeness to myself…and you know how we like to share on this blog!

So here I am, inviting you to discover a great documentary photographer that I first discovered on tumblr with Everyday Africa and Invisible Boarders  photography projects. To me, there is something about her photos that goes straight to the heart! She shows the real Africa, the everyday Africa, the imperfect one, the one that smiles, the one with scars, that cries, that sighs and that hopes. Her work is deep because she does not care about beauty standards and explores what others don’t with a smart ease.

Again, I love what she does… because it takes me back to places that I know or emotions that I cherish. Her colourful and unexpected background influences greatly her work and makes it even more interesting. Moreover, she is multi-talented, she draws, she writes , she sings ( for fun on her IG ) and I’m sure there is more, yet to be shown to the world. Anyway,I won’t be talking more, her work will do it. Now let’s meet Yagazie Emezie and her dope work people!


Yagazie Emezi is a documentary photographer from Aba, Nigeria.  She holds dual degrees in Cultural Anthropology and African Studies from the University of New Mexico and, upon graduation, returned to Nigeria as Visual Curator for Bialere, a digital platform focused on showcasing young African creatives. Yagazie is a contributor to Everyday Africa and has been commissioned by Al-Jazeera, Lagos Fashion Week, Union Bank Nigeria, Refinery29, and Tastemakers Africa. She has also been featured by Huffington Post, MTV, Format Magazine, NY Magazine’s The Cut, Afropunk,, The Guardian (Nigeria), New York Times and Vogue. Her ongoing project Relearning Bodies is based in West Africa and documents how trauma survivors left with significant scarring adapt to their new bodies, as well as the role their socioeconomic class and community plays in this adjustment. Yagazie is currently based in Monrovia, working on a project around education for girls in at-risk communities in Liberia. source :




fw_yagazie_emezi-8612“Currently covering education for at risk girls in Liberia with More Than Me, an organisation that provides free education to the most vulnerable.Along the way, I have also been documenting the historic Partnership Schools of Liberia in which government has teamed up with independent organisations to provide quality education across the country.”— Yagazie Emezie


Photo Credits:  ©Yagazie Emezie


Yagazie Facebook

Follow her work on Instagram or check out the various projects that she has worked on in Africa here : Invisible Boarders and Everyday Africa


Article : IwannAfree


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