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Vous êtes forcément déjà tombé sur une photo de ces jumelles sur la toile et vous ne savez peut être pas qui elles sont! Suivez nous on vous emmène dans leur univers coloré, bigarré, wax, classe et moderne!

 » Danielle and Chantelle Dwomoh-Piper are Models, bloggers and Designers based in New York. Born to a Caribbean mom and an African dad, the DPiperTwins embrace their roots and display it in every collection through a bold and vibrant combination of colorful African print designs. They were born in New York but raised in Ghana and later came back to the United States to pursue their dreams. Their designs have also been exhibited at fashion weeks all over the world, including New York Fashion Week, Arise Magazine Fashion Week, Glitz Africa Fashion week in Ghana, Caribbean International Fashion Week, Fashion week in Los Angeles and their talent has been recognized on a wide array of media platforms in New York and beyond. »

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They have been designing since 2010 but I discovered their work this year through IG ! Ah the wonderful world of social network! Not everything shared is worth it for sure but I was glad to discover DPipertwins!

I like how they use and mix african fabric with modern fabric! Their styles are really cool and I could see myself buying almost all of them. Plus the twin effect is doubling the fun ;)!

Enough with the talking now, take a look at their collection :


*Disclaimer : We do not own any of the pictures found in this article.

Follow them on instagram or tumblr!

Better, click on the link to their website and get yourself some african flavoured clothes!

Article : IwannAfree


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