JoJo Abot :: Ghanaian Jazz Singer ::

Chaleeeee It’s Sunday !!!!

Big shout out to an amazing and unique singer : Ms.Jojo Abot. I have been following her ascension for a while now. Maybe you too have already read some articles or randomly heard about her. If not, she is about to impress you in many ways! We love her music of course but we are also digging on her unique fashion style!

Jojo Abot

Jojo Abot is a Ghanaian Afrobeat and jazz singer. She hails from the Volta Region of Ghana, home of the spiritual and emotional Ewe people. She found her passion and talent when, as she describes it, she was « discovered by music » in a pub in Brooklyn, New York. For the last two years, she’s lived in Accra, exploring the native beats and sounds of her home within Accra’s burgeoning creative community. Her influences include Afrobeats legend Fela Kuti, highlife legend Ebo Taylor, Nigeria’s neo-soul singer Asa, Australia’s jazz singer Sia and jazz greats like Billie Holiday. (


Her goal « Creating across continents and dividing time between Accra, Copenhagen and New York City, JOJO Abot’s emergence onto the global music scene marks the genesis of an exciting new talent and sound. Presenting the best of multiple worlds, JOJO Abot’s music is truly a cultural and musical sonic fusion, a perfect and growing melting pot… »

Enjoy every single minute of this refreshing music then hit replay 🙂 !

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