Bazil Ngode :: Kenyan Visual Artist ::

The first time you take a browse through Bazil’s Instagram page looking at his work, you are not sure how to describe it. Bazil Ngode‘s work is breathtaking! it’s a mix of vivid black and white photos, traditional african masks and imagery which a century ago was described as ‘pagan’ what with the raffia skirts, beads, and traditional wear. However, it is his use of light that is most outstanding. In almost all of  his pieces, he uses light to create contrast and illuminate or hide his subject  in a way that is simple yet sophisticated. Bazil knows how to make the ordinary looks extraordinary and the extraordinary looks mundane. (Source:

Let’s try 🙂 !


« If you knew me yesterday, You don’t know me today ». ..


Bazil Ngode is a visual artist with a passion for showing the world an altered view of its norms and a disposition to awaken the masses through conceptual and realistic art. Having been awakened at a young age, Bazil, has been drawn to the ‘out-of-the-box’ artistic visualization and cultural realm of the world around him, drawing inspiration from music, history and philosophical ingenuity. Having evolved over the years from his photography and design foundation, Bazil visual artistry has not only shaken up the creative world in Kenya, but it is also taking form outside of the country. From taking over screens at major performances or sharing with his community his ideas and way of thinking, Bazil Ngode is a visual artist with heart, passion and a hint of madness to boot.


If you should describe your work, what would you say is your topic? « I would say it’s a fight between traditionalism and modernism most of the times. Other times it’s dark african voodoo art pieces and me trying to understand religion, authority and earthly laws. The more I create the more I understand the earth in general ».

What are your projects for the coming year? « My projects this year will focus more on light visualization and projection mapping, I find that interesting currently. An exhibition might happen in the second quarter of the year, more details to follow ».


Un seul regret le concernant, il y a très peu d’informations sur le parcours de cet ovni(*hormis les quelques questions que j’ai pu lui poser via Instagram), peut être un choix délibéré de l’artiste, en attendant si vous souhaitez suivre son actualité abonnez-vous à son  Instagram ici .

Une empreinte artiste incomparable Bazil est mon coup de coeur artistique du moment.

Le Kenya, l’Afrique n’a pas pas finit de nous ses dévoiler des pépites 🙂 !

Article – Tyitelle

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