Dolapo James of Urbanknit has gone on to create a much coveted collection of stylish vibrant clutch bags, with an obvious love of bold colours and patterns.


Her style is a combination of prim and proper Englishness brought bang up-to-date with a refreshing funky twist of bold African fabrics like Adire, Ankara and Aso-oke.

The fabrics used are mainly from Nigeria, which Dolapo sources from local markets and also Ghana. These textures and vivid prints are then contrasted with denim, cotton, leather, silk and satin for added interest.

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Urbanknit brings you interesting fashion & home accessories that are unique and fun to wear and use. 

« I love bold prints, bright colours and interesting textures and for that reason I particularly love using traditional African prints and fabrics, combining them with modern fabrics like denim, corduroy, silk and cotton to make accessories that are durable yet interesting thus mixing colours and cultures where the old tradition meets the modern world. My fabrics of choice are: Ankara, Adire, Aso-Oke. My scarves and snoods are hand-knitted in a chunky style from 100% merino wool and sometimes cashmere or Alpaca for a more luxurious feel.My yarns of choice are:Merino Wool,Cashmere,Alpaca.


Shop on line here:

 They are all so beautiful, I love those amazing Clutch Bags 🙂 !!!


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